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Pro-Refugee Group Launches Web Video




A pro-refugee group has launched a video entitled “Stand With Me,” urging viewers to “support Syrian refugees and Muslims in America.”

Specifically, the video urges viewers to take a stand against Islamophobia – which it says is “rampant and precipitating heinous crimes against innocent people” while also “driving us to turn our backs on refugees who deserve our compassion.”

“This is a call to action,” the video’s producers said. “We must speak out against the fear mongering and bigotry that is surging in America.  ISIS does not represent Islam.  Islam is Peace.”

Wait … Islam is peace?  Really?

Hmmmm … this sounds like a direct appeal to Nikki Haley, who has tried to dance her way out of having to deal with this divisive issue.

This website has consistently opposed refugee resettlements … for reasons outlined here.  We don’t care if they’re Syrian or Swedish … this country cannot afford them.

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