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Marco Rubio Rumors Ramp Up




Numerous national media outlets are pursuing multiple allegations of infidelity involving U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida – all in the aftermath of the “mistress bomb” report we published earlier this week.

Specifically, three mainstream media outlets have independently supplied us with the names of two additional women said to be romantically linked to the GOP establishment’s candidate of choice.   These names are in addition to the woman we referenced earlier this week – a lobbyist whose alleged proximity to Rubio was discovered during a deep dive into the candidate’s disastrous personal finances.

Meanwhile, a national operative familiar with the opposition research on Rubio described his extramarital dalliances as “serial.”

“He is going down,” the operative told us point blank.

So: Will one of these national news outlets pull the trigger?  Will we?

We’ll see …

Frankly, we’re conflicted when it comes to stories like this.

Rubio’s personal life doesn’t really impact our view of his candidacy: We reject him on principle based on ideological considerations.  In fact our founding editor Will Folks – a rabid libertarian – told a group in Northern Virginia this week that the percolating Rubio affair rumors were the “first redeeming thing” he had heard about his candidacy.

“I don’t care who he’s slept with – more power to him,” Folks told the group. “What I care is he cast the deciding vote in the U.S. Senate in support of Obamatrade.”

Yup …

Of course those with a vested interest in bringing Rubio down don’t really care what it takes to accomplish that objective.

Which brings us to the other key component of this unfolding drama: Who really has the knives out for Rubio?  And more to the point: Does the overt hostility directed toward Rubio by former Florida governor Jeb Bush‘s campaign provide the perfect cover for other candidates looking to take him out?

Yes … it does.