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Now The “Freedom Caucus” Wants To Be Taken Seriously




Days after delivering the gavel of the U.S. House of Representatives to liberal “Republican” Paul Ryan, a group of so-called “conservative” lawmakers now wants to be taken seriously as defenders of taxpayers.

The so-called “House Freedom Caucus” – which includes U.S. Reps. Jeff Duncan, Mick Mulvaney and Mark Sanford – issued a statement this week blasting a proposed two-year federal budget plan that would drown America deeper in debt.

(For more on that scam, CLICK HERE).

Here’s the statement …

The latest budget deal continues the sad pattern of the past five years: a fiscal monstrosity gets negotiated in secret with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi; the American people and their representatives get shut out of the process; and the bill is rushed through the House on short notice and without proper scrutiny or the ability to offer amendments. This deal is an affront to open, accountable, and limited government. It plunges our nation into debt to the tune of nearly $20 trillion, busts the spending caps enacted by Congress just a few years ago, perpetuates our looming entitlement crisis by pilfering money from Social Security, and contains budget and accounting gimmicks that are manifestly fraudulent. 

All of that is true …

This biennial budget deal is every bit as bad as these lawmakers say … and worse.

“In addition to shattering the previously agreed upon spending caps, such a spending plan would handcuff the ability of the next president – and the next U.S. Congress – to shape the nation’s fiscal policy,” we wrote earlier this month.  “And seeing as there’s almost universal agreement that the next president and the next Congress will be more fiscally conservative than the current president and current Congress – this is nothing more than a way for the establishment to keep the gravy train flowing.”


Unfortunately, the current crop of “conservatives” now loudly protesting the profligate excess in Washington, D.C. just surrendered to the status quo forces driving that gravy train.  In fact one so-called “conservative” leader – U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy – is actually nominating the next liberal leader.

What a joke …

Fidelity to freedom and free markets dictates that adherents maintain consistency of course – and the courage of their convictions.  If they are inconsistent – or lacking in courage – then they cannot lay claim to having such convictions at all.

“Republicans” sold out to the status quo back in January when they reelected John Boehner as their leader.  And they are selling out again now in nominating Paul Ryan.

Worse, that sellout is perpetuating the ongoing trend in our nation’s capital in which Democrats have become full-blown socialists, “Republicans” have become Democrats and “conservatives” have become two-faced hypocrites.

Is there one honest leader left in Washington, D.C.?