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South Carolina’s MSM Ignoring Secret $1.6 Billion Tax




So … in case you missed, it this website blew the whistle earlier this week on a secret $1.6 billion tax hike that’s been levied for decades on all insurance policies issued in the Palmetto State.

Actually, $1.6 billion is just the last fifteen years of the fleecing … this scam goes all the way back to the 1930s.

Anyway, you’d think South Carolina’s mainstream media would be all over this story – especially seeing as we accompanied it with hard documents outlining the specific amounts of graft involved.  Oh, and seeing as those documents were presented publicly at a city of Columbia, S.C. council meeting this week – one attended by mainstream media reporters (including one from the liberal Columbia, S.C. State newspaper).

Despite all that, there’s no story up on The State … 

In fact the paper is reportedly still deciding whether it even wants to cover the heist … 


According to our sources, the paper’s city government reporter “wants to do a story” on the hidden tax but said it would probably take up to three days because of “the depth of the issue.”

Really?  We researched, conducted interviews and wrote our piece in about forty minutes.

And nailed it.

The State?  According to our sources, they “may get around to it” before Thanksgiving.

What a joke …

We know the mainstream media in the Palmetto State likes to keep citizens in the dark about how our money is collected and spent, but this is ridiculous.  This is a scam that’s costing our dirt poor citizens tens of millions of dollars a year – at a time when they can least afford it.

Isn’t that something the people should know about?

We think so … which is why we’re going to keep reporting on it, and keep calling out those who won’t.