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Letter: Catherine Templeton’s Port Job Criticized



Dear Editor,

Does any one else have a concern when the S.C. State Ports Authority (SCSPA) hires Catherine Templeton to a $235,000 job without any experience at all in the port business?

She is an exceptional talent.  But ports?

Even more concerning is the board approved promoting their state lobbyist to vice president of operations at a salary of $250,000.  Again, no experience necessary.

I always believed that newspapers were the publics oversight for these kind of problems.  Where is your paper?  Where is The State? Where is  The Post and Courier?

The public reacts the way our newspapers react.  They assume it must not be a very big deal.  Maybe its not.  But they should have to explain there reasoning.  For us that understand business there can be no good explanation.

-Charleston, S.C.