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That “Republican” Loyalty Oath Doesn’t Go Both Ways




|| By FITSNEWS || Last week, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump bowed to pressure from the “Republican” party – affirming his intention to sign the party’s “loyalty oath.”

This, of course, is the agreement by which a “Republican” candidate agrees to support the party’s eventual presidential nominee – whomever it may be – and vows to forsake a third party campaign.

We opposed Trump’s decision (arguing “Republicans” haven’t done anything to deserve anyone’s loyalty), but it was clear multiple states – including South Carolina – were going to block Trump from appearing on the primary ballot in the event he didn’t sign the oath.

Anyway …

Fast forward to this week, when one of the left-leaning establishment “Republicans” running for president (without success, we’d like to point out) made clear he wasn’t going to follow the oath.

In an appearance on Newsmax TV, former New York governor George Pataki said he would not support Trump’s presidential bid should the latter win the nomination – even though he signed a loyalty oath pledging to do just that.

“Let me be very plain, I’m not going to vote for Donald Trump – because he has no chance of being the Republican nominee,” Pataki said. “He is unfit to be president.”

“He would hurt our party and I would think and hope that virtually every one of my fellow candidates seeking the nomination would be willing to stand up and say ‘Our party cannot nominate Donald Trump,'” Pataki added.

Pataki is one of the GOP also-rans who has tried to make a name for himself attacking Trump.  How’s that strategy working?  Well, former Texas governor Rick Perry – one of the first to employ it – became the first “Republican” candidate to drop out of the race last week.

Pataki?  He’s so far behind in the polls Real Clear Politics doesn’t even register him as a blip on the radar anymore in its composite of the GOP race.

We’ve written previously on how establishment efforts to kill “The Donald” have only made him stronger – and hurt those firing the shots.  But Pataki’s latest line of attack – a.k.a. “I hate Trump so much I won’t honor the GOP loyalty oath if he wins” – has the potential to backfire on the party on a much bigger level.

Especially if more candidates echo his refrain …

How come?

Well, if the GOP insists on loyalty from Trump – but looks the other way when establishment “Republicans” refuse to reciprocate – then the party’s loyalty oath is every bit as worthless as a Grover Norquist tax pledge.

Meaning Trump doesn’t have to abide by it either …