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Rick Perry: Out Like The Fat Kid In Dodge Ball




|| By FITSNEWS || Former Texas governor Rick Perry is among the most athletic and manly of the many “Republican” presidential candidates, but when it came to gaining the GOP nomination … it didn’t matter.

He is out like the proverbial fat kid in dodge ball …

Perry has decided to drop out of the 2016 “Republican” presidential primary race, sources close to his South Carolina campaign tell FITS.


With his decision, Perry becomes the first of the would-be White House aspirants to abandon his quest … but thankfully, he won’t be the last.

Given recent developments (here and here), Perry’s announcement is hardly surprising.  In fact we’re shocked he made it this long after his campaign ran out of money more than a month ago.

Perry’s 2012 presidential campaign briefly achieved frontrunner status before flaming out in spectacular fashion prior to the “First in the South” presidential primary.  He vowed to run a smarter campaign this go-round … but didn’t.

Originally well-positioned to be the “tough guy” on the issue of illegal immigration – which has dominated the 2016 race – Perry simply never caught fire.  In fact in a desperate bid to revive his relevance earlier this summer, he attacked GOP frontrunner Donald Trump – the toughest of tough guys on immigration – for being a “cancer on conservatism.”

What little support he had eroded after that …

After peaking at over eight percent in national polls, Perry was averaging 0.8 percent support according to Real Clear Politics at the time of his exit from the race.

We were never keen on Perry …

“While we can appreciate his “tough guy” stance on border security (one of the few functions government is called up to perform), his rampant crony capitalism cannot be overlooked,” we wrote earlier this year. “And he’s a sanctimonious moralizer to boot.”