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The Donald Trump Surge Continues




|| By FITSNEWS ||  Nothing can stop “The Donald,” it would seem …

Amid his latest national controversy, billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump has opened up a double-digit lead on his nearest opponent for the GOP presidential nomination.

Trump received 24 percent support from “Republican” primary voters in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. That’s nearly a two-to-one margin over his nearest challenger – Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

The poll was in the process of being conducted when Trump made his controversial remarks toward fiscally liberal U.S. Senator John McCain – calling the aging warmonger a “loser” and disparaging his military record.

McCain had previously attacked Trump’s candidacy and those embracing it – calling attendees at a Trump rally in Arizona “crazies.”

According to The Washington Post, “support for Trump fell sharply on the one night that voters were surveyed following those comments.”

Trump addressed the controversy in responding to the new poll numbers.

“People are tired of incompetent leaders and being pushed around at will by other nations, our enemies, and even our friends,” he said. “Politicians have completely failed the American people. We owe $18 trillion dollars, have porous and dangerous borders, and can’t even take proper care of our magnificent Veterans. If I become President I will do what I do best – fix these problems and Make America Great Again!”

In fact Trump one-upped that comment on his Facebook page, saying “we will soon be at a point with our incompetent politicians where we will be treating illegal immigrants better than our veterans.”

As we’ve stated repeatedly, Trump’s “say anything” candidacy is tapping into something bigger than itself.  It’s literally a “Bulworth” moment in American politics, referring to the 1998 film which starred Warren Beatty as a politician who lost his filter.

His challenge (from our perspective)?

Finding specific pro-free market, pro-liberty policies to lend substance and credibility to his insurgent campaign – while simultaneously fending off the inevitable attacks about previous political positions he’s taken.

Trump has succeeded in getting everyone to pay attention to his candidacy.  And he’s clearly shown he’s unafraid of the political and media establishments that “Republicans” typically try (unsuccessfully) to cozy up to.

Now he needs to find that next gear …