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The Return Of E.W. Cromartie?




|| By FITSNEWS || Ever since our founding editor moved his family and his business out of downtown Columbia, S.C., he’s been far less obsessed with stopping the non-stop scamming going down in South Carolina’s capital city.

We still cover it from time to time, but Columbia is basically just like any other ethically challenged Palmetto State municipality to us now … worth only the occasional kick in the ass (usually when state or federal politicians are involved).

Anyway, one of the most corrupt local officials we ever covered was former Columbia councilman E.W. Cromartie – whose three-decade career came to an ignominious end in 2010 when he went down on federal tax charges.

Well, we thought his career had come to an end …

It turns out the 69-year-old politician is back … and while he’s not seeking office himself this go-round, he’s reportedly the power behind the scenes of local pastor Ed McDowell‘s city council campaign.

McDowell, 66, is running against incumbent Brian Newman in this November’s city elections.

“It’s not anything negative towards the councilman,” McDowell recently told The (Columbia, S.C.) Free Times.  “This is something I didn’t seek.  I had persons within the district to approach me about the possibility of doing this.”

“Persons” like, Cromartie …

Multiple sources familiar with McDowell’s bid say it’s “all about E.W.,” that Cromartie is really the driving force behind this “shadow candidacy.”

“E.W. wants back in,” one of the sources told us.  “He’s the one making moves in this race – and making promises if his guy wins.”

Again, we don’t have a dog in this fight.  The city of Columbia is beyond screwed as far as we’re concerned.  It’s just interesting to know the puppets from the puppet masters, that’s all.