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Hillary Clinton: Out Of Hiding?




|| By FITSNEWS ||  Images of national reporters being corralled behind a rope line so as to be kept a safe distance from presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have gone viral – doing real damage to her candidacy.

And rightfully so …

It’s embarrassing Clinton is so scared of the press.  Just as it’s embarrassing the press is so subservient to Clinton.

Anyway, Clinton is vowing this week to be more accessible … which is probably a good idea with stories like this starting to pop up.

From Fox News’ Howard Kurtz

Hillary Clinton has decided to make herself more available to the media and will begin doing national television interviews in the next week.

She reached this decision after an internal debate and the move is supported by many top campaign officials, along with her husband, Clinton insiders say.

“She’s all on board,” Jennifer Palmieri, the campaign’s communications director, told me in an interview. “America will see more of her.”

Ah, yes (editor’s note: sarcasm ahead).  There’s nothing quite like calculated, tightly controlled glasnost, is there?

Clinton’s paranoia isn’t just manifested by her stubborn refusal to participate in the marketplace of ideas.  It’s seen via her mass email deletion.  And her foundation’s tax “discrepancies.”

Oh, and there are compelling reasons as to why she doesn’t want the truth out there … reasons the mainstream media has inexcusably glossed over as it’s written all these process stories about her lack of availability.

Therein lies the real story behind Clinton’s decision to belatedly begin interacting with the media … the fact there was a reason she didn’t want to in the first place.  And the fact she got away with it right up to the point of literally lassoing the media into line.