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People’s Confidence In Congress Went Up … To Eight Percent




|| By FITSNEWS ||  The U.S. Congress saw a dramatic increase in its approval rating this year … from 7 to 8 percent.

That’s according to Gallup’s “Confidence in Institutions” poll, which tracks Americans’ faith in their public institutions.  Last year’s seven percent figure for Congress was the lowest ever recorded – for any institution.

Congress isn’t the only institution sucking wind, though …

“Americans’ confidence in most major U.S. institutions remains below the historical average for each one,” Gallup pollsters note.

Thirty-three percent of Americans are confident in the presidency, down from the historical average of 43 percent.  Meanwhile, thirty-two percent have confidence in the Supreme Court, down from the historical average 44 percent.

“It’s a picture of a nation discouraged about its present and worried about its future, and highly doubtful that its institutions can pull America out of its trough,” Kenneth T. Walsh of U.S. News and World Report wrote.

That’s for sure …