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SC House Has Votes To Address Flag Controversy




|| By FITSNEWS || The S.C. House of Representatives has enough votes to put the Confederate flag issue on its agenda immediately, sources familiar with the vote count tell FITS.

And they are expected to do just that when they meet in Columbia, S.C. on Tuesday.

That would mean the current resolution governing the adjournment of the S.C. General Assembly – which went into effect when the legislative session ended earlier this month – would be amended to permit lawmakers to remove the flag from the north lawn of the S.C. State House.

(This is precisely the scenario we laid out – and encouraged – in this column).

Pressure has been building to remove the flag in response to last week’s horrific, racially motivated “Holy City Massacre” at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston, S.C.  There, nine black parishioners – including S.C. Senator Clementa Pinckney, the church’s pastor – were gunned down by Dylann Storm Roof, a 21-year-old white supremacist.

The amendment “will be very narrowly drawn only to deal with the flag at the monument,” a legislative leader told FITS.

“(We’re) not opening up the entire heritage act,” the lawmaker said, referring to the 2000 compromise which moved the flag off of the S.C. State House dome (and out of the legislative chambers) and placed it on the north lawn.

Amending the adjournment resolution – or sine die resolution – would require a two-thirds majority of the “Republican-controlled” chamber.

Legislative leaders say they have enough votes to meet that threshold, although such a move would only guarantee that the Confederate flag issue would be heard – a separate vote would have to be taken to actually bring the banner down.

Now … about the State Senate …

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