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Stephen Colbert Gives $800K To SC School Teachers



|| By FITSNEWS || Comedian and satirical newsman Stephen Colbert – who hosted The Colbert Report on Comedy Central from 2005-14 – has teamed up with a national education nonprofit and a Greenville, S.C.-based technology firm to fund $800,000 worth of grants for teachers at government-run schools.

Colbert, Share Fair Nation and ScanSource announced this week their intention to fund all of the grant requests made by government-run school teachers on the website  The $800,000 will go toward an estimated 1,000 projects sponsored by 800 teachers at 375 schools.

Benevolent?  Sure …

Effective?  Eh … we’ll see about that.

Certainly the billions of dollars in new money routed through the government’s multi-layered bureaucracies over the last few years has not improved academic outcomes in the Palmetto State.  If anything, the ever-expanding investment has produced worse returns – which even the state’s liberal Supreme Court has acknowledged.

Who knows?  Maybe giving some money directly to teachers will help … although this website has consistently maintained the best way to raise academic achievement in the Palmetto State is by unleashing the power of the marketplace, not throwing more money at a failed monopoly.