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Another Dreamliner Problem




|| By FITSNEWS || Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials have uncovered yet another problem with Boeing’s much-maligned 787 “Dreamliner” aircraft – although this one appears to be far less serious than the battery drama which grounded the planes two years ago.

According to the FAA, a 787 “that has been powered continuously for 248 days can lose all alternating current electrical power due to the generator control units simultaneously going into failsafe mode.”

Assuming such a power loss occurred mid-flight, pilots would obviously lose control of the aircraft.  Fortunately Boeing is aware of the issue and is powering the jets on and off to avoid the problem – while at the same time developing a software solution for the fleet.

The Dreamliner program – which includes a heavily subsidized South Carolina manufacturing facility – has endured countless delays, mechanical problems and production issues.

Thankfully, this one doesn’t seem all that serious … or at least not with the company taking precautions.

Wait, “thankfully?” Doesn’t this website detest Boeing?

Nah … we detest crony capitalism.  Boeing is just taking what the politicians are giving them.  It’s the politicians handing over our money – especially the hypocrites – whom we detest.