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SCGOP Polling: Black And White




|| By FITSNEWS ||  South Carolina “Republicans” are probably a bit more racist than GOP voters in most other states, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the latest polling data.

First, let’s start with their views on the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – president Barack Obama.

According to the results of the latest Winthrop University poll, only 4.3 percent of South Carolina “Republicans” approve of the job Obama is doing.  By contrast, a whopping 91.3 percent disapprove of Obama’s job performance.

We know … “racism,” right?

But wait … South Carolina has a U.S. Senator (Tim Scott) who is black.  Twice as black as Obama, actually.

What are his poll numbers like?  According to Winthrop’s survey, 83 percent of SCGOP voters approve of the job Scott is doing compared to only 3.5 percent who disapprove.  That makes Scott (hands down) the most popular public official in the state, among “Republicans” – much more popular than fellow U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham, who is white, has a 58.2 percent approval rating among GOP voters.  Meanwhile 34.6 percent of “Republicans” disapprove of his performance.

Bottom line?  South Carolina “Republicans” (and Democrats) may not be ready to let Scott into their swanky country clubs, but they approve of the job he’s doing in Washington, D.C.

Graham?  Not so much …