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Rick Santorum’s “Not-So-Holy” SC Warrior …



|| By FITSNEWS || There’s a big story in The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier this week ripping on a guy named Jon Parker – who is spearheading the South Carolina presidential aspirations of former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum.

Given our disdain for Santorum – a.k.a. Jesus H. Warmonger – we’re naturally all over this report, right?  Eager to blow it up big-time in the hopes of pistol-whipping some bad news on the collective brow of Team Santorum, right?

Not really …

Apparently Parker has quite the rap sheet, though – including a 2009 felony drug conviction in Virginia that landed him behind bars for seven months.  And according to Post and Courier scribe Jeremy Borden, Parker’s checkered past includes a January 2014 public drunkenness arrest still pending in the South Carolina court system.

That would seem to imply that the 30-year-old consultant – who previously worked for S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson – has yet to get his act together.

Here’s the thing, though: As much as it pains us to write anything even borderline helpful to a sanctimonious, fearmongering, fiscally liberal douche canoe like Rick Santorum – who cares what his staffer’s issues are?

Last time we checked, Parker wasn’t running for president.  And if anyone out there believes his checkered past is sufficient reason to vote for or against his preferred candidate (which was the obvious intent of whoever leaked this hit piece to the Post and Courier), then they should do the rest of us a favor and turn in their registration card.

Because they’re contributing even less to our democracy than one of governor Nikki Haley‘s dead voters …

This website has consistently argued against the federal government’s “war on drugs,” which seems to have ensnared Parker on several prior occasions.  In fact his 2009 conviction (which took place during his time in college) was part of an undercover sting operation.  And all he did in that instance was point an undercover cop in the direction of a drug dealer.

Seems pretty weak to us …

But that’s the nature of the “war on drugs” – it’s all about interfering in the free market and depriving people of individual liberty.

And yes, we get the argument that Parker is an odd choice for a Holy Roller like Santorum (who loves imposing his morality on others) … but at the end of the day all that should matter to Santorum is Parker’s skill as an operative.

Look, there is no shortage of reasons to reject Santorum’s candidacy.  We’d put this at the bottom of the list … although the speculation surrounding who leaked the information makes for some interesting consideration.