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SC Commerce, Nikki Haley Confused About Pentagon Spending




|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. governor Nikki Haley‘s cabinet agencies – specifically her “economic development” and “job placement” bureaucracies – have created a new government program designed to offer “business consulting services” to companies that “could be adversely impacted by U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) budget cuts.”

“South Carolina is proud to be called the most patriotic state in America, and taking care of our eight military installations and the businesses that serve them is important to us,” Haley said.  “Programs like this one will help make sure that defense contractors continue to operate successfully and grow jobs in our state.”

Wait, hold up … “Pentagon budget cuts?”

We’d love to see those … because last time we checked military spending in America wasn’t being cut, it was skyrocketing.

In fact U.S. president Barack Obama‘s budget – which is likely to be outdone by congressional “Republicans” – appropriated $535 billion ($35 billion more than he and the GOP agreed to as part of their 2011 “debt dereliction deal”).

And that’s on top of big increases to military spending included in the current budget.

Cuts?  Please …

Haley’s patriotism appears to have outstripped her ability to do basic math.

Oh, and if getting rid of colossally wasteful programs like the F-35 boondoggle costs South Carolina companies a few dollars, well … that’s just tough luck.

Government doesn’t (or shouldn’t) exist to create jobs, it exists to perform a few very basic tasks.  And just because “providing for the common defense” is one of those tasks, that doesn’t mean we should continue to chase good money after bad on reckless projects.

Or for that matter reckless wars …