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Richland County (SC) Is In Distress!




|| By FITSNEWS ||  First of all, who in the hell knew Richland County, S.C. had its own friggin’ “county flag?”  Sheesh … what a waste of taxpayer money.  Second … why is the county “in distress?”  Because if our pic from the county court house this morning (above) is any indication – it is.

One of our sources spotted the county flag flying upside down on the morning of Friday, February 6, 2015 … which according to the USA Flag Supply website means “there is extreme danger to life or property.”

With all due respect … “no sh*t.”  (literally, even).

Naturally, we’re kidding … we don’t think the county government is in any imminent danger (although if it keeps disenfranchising its citizens, it might have reason to worry).  We’re sure some taxpayer-funded maintenance man simply wasn’t paying attention.

Of interest, you can be charged criminally for flying the U.S. flag upside down – which one Pennsylvania man found out the hard way last May.

Joshua Brubaker of Blair County, Pennsylvania was charged with flag desecration (and “insult”) after hanging an upside down U.S. banner from the side of his house.

“If I don’t have a right to fly that flag upside down, which means a sign of distress, which this country is in so much distress right now, then what’s the point of having it?” the American Indian said, according to WPXI TV 11 (NBC – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

What prompted police to take action against him?

According to the local township’s assistant police chief, L.J. Berg,  “I had an individual stop here at the station, a female, who was in the military and she was very offended by it.”

Ah, yes … a perfectly good reason to restrict constitutionally guaranteed free expression (not).