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Jeff Duncan: France’s Terror Problem Is An Immigration Problem




|| By FITSNEWS ||  U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan says the recent terror attacks in France are the result of the country’s lax immigration policy – not a reaction to American military interventionism.

“The threat of Islamic terrorism is real,” Duncan wrote. “My prayers go out to the people of France. This problem was created by an open immigration policy and an unwillingness to deal with the threat of radical Islam due to an misplaced sense of political correctness. How can we ever hope to defeat our enemy if we can’t even talk about them?”

Hmmmm …

We’ll give it to Duncan that the threat of Islamic terrorism is real … and like all lovers of life and liberty we condemn the attack on French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo that left a dozen people dead.  And we give him political credit for tying the French terror attack to a hot button domestic issue.

Well-played …

But let’s be clear: America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq – and the subsequent torture of prisoners by American soliders at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad – is the root cause of this latest round of violence.  Just as America’s previous interventions in the Middle East were the root cause of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

And let’s not forget America’s ongoing subsidization of the Israeli war machine …

The “War on Terror” has nothing to do with fighting terror, people … or else the trillions of dollars U.S. taxpayers have spent on it would have made us safer.  (News flash: We’re not safer).

No, the “War on Terror” is all about picking fights … so that wealthy corporations can make money and bought-and-paid-for politicians can get reelected.

The blood and treasure it’s sapping from our Republic?

That’s your problem …