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Dems Want Mark Sanford’s Controversial Payout Investigated



By FITSNEWS  ||  U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford is facing criticism – and calls for an investigation – after news broke that he received a quarter million dollar deal from a lender facing scrutiny over its allegedly dishonest tactics.

Among the interesting reveals?  A huge chunk of Sanford’s take from was received after he won a May 2013 special election to the U.S. Congressional seat he previously held from 1995-2001.

According to the AP, the former two-term South Carolina governor “received his $108,539 in stock after taking office in Congress” – although the company didn’t disclose the payout until May 2014.  The wire service says Sanford’s acceptance of the money has “never been made public until now.”

The scandal has reignited speculation about potential challengers to the “Luv Gov” – but it’s also got Democrats demanding he be investigated.

“Once more Representative Mark Sanford has shown he’ll put his own interests before those of working South Carolinians,” S.C. Democratic Party (SCDP) chairman Jamie Harrison said. “Sanford’s payout from a company under investigation required last minute maneuvering to avoid losing money when he took office. Working families across South Carolina don’t get sweetheart $239,159 buyouts. Our elected officials must be open and honest about their financial dealings.  I encourage the appropriate oversight bodies to review the details of this questionable transaction.”

We agree …

No matter how you look at it, Sanford’s deal screams “shady.”

Seriously … we don’t yet know the quid  from the quo  here, but something smells incredibly fishy.