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Props To Barack Obama … Wait, What?




By FITSNEWS  ||  This website has little use for U.S. President Barack Obama.  He represents everything that’s wrong with America … and his policies (like those of most of his “Republican” frenemies) continue to inflict lasting damage to our free market, our freedom and our future generations.

And yeah we’re talking to you too, black people …

Anyway … we recently received an email from one of our Democratic readers lamenting the steady diet of anti-Obama articles on this website.

“Why can’t you write something positive about President Obama?” she wrote.  “Or at least something neutral.”

Ummm … really?

We would write nice things about Obama … if he ever did things that warranted nice things being written.  Which has been the problem for the last six years.

Well, until this week … when Obama decided to diplomatically recognize the island nation of Cuba and get rid of the federal government’s ridiculous travel restrictions, embargoes, etc.

“We will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interests and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries,” Obama said.

Wow … because, you know, literally four months ago America was still trying to overthrow Cuba.  Sort of.

We applaud Obama’s decision.  If America can have normal relations with Saudi Arabia – a country that actively participated in the terror attacks on its own citizens (which our government has covered up) – surely recognizing Cuba is no biggie.