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RIP, O’Malley For President




IMG_3667By TAYLOR BROWN || Here Lies Martin O’Malley for President, a 2016 Presidential flirtation which was was over before anyone even knew it started.

The amount of media coverage on O’Malley mirrored his own constituents’ lack of enthusiasm.  Seriously, FITSNews gave more coverage to the failed storybook romance of Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis than to O’Malley’s presidential aspirations.  And that’s unacceptable for a man who hoped to be the leader of the free world.  Or really bad editorial policy, I’m not sure.

O’Malley received some attention for being governor of Maryland, for being the former Mayor of Baltimore, for banning capital punishment, for allowing same-sex marriage, for declaring war on guns … but he drew yawns from everybody else, and apparently himself as well, as he dozed off once during a meeting.

So, after Republican Larry Hogan eviscerated O’Malley’s hand-picked gubernatorial successor Anthony Brown (thank you, campaigner in chief), where does this leave us with respect to the 2016 election? As FITS has coined it, “The Maryland Mob” (Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, O’Malley, and Chris Van Hollen) is in a bit of a pickle.  O’Malley was going to be their dark horse challenger to Hillary Clinton – but now that’s about as likely to happen as Obama making it a month without playing a round of golf.

O’Malley’s Maryland meltdown also has repercussions as to Princess Nancy stepping down.  Hoyer and the man that built a multi-million dollar “pedestrian bridge” in Columbia, S.C. (one that people still don’t use, preferring to run across highway 277 instead) are the most likely to aspire to Pelosi’s seat, which now is rumored to smell like sulfur.

This puts the Democrats in the very awkward position of having a racially-fueled battle on their hands.  They’re so used to playing the race card against Republicans, but how will they handle it when it’s their own party?  We’ve all heard the inappropriate comments Democrats have made regarding Tim Scott, Mia Love, Allen West, Herman Cain or Ben Carson, to name just a few.  But when they can’t blame it on an opposing Party, what will come to pass?

I’m personally expecting it to be reminiscent of Theo Mitchell’s campaign against the late Carroll Campbell, Jr. in 1990.

Mitchell called the black people who supported Campbell “black prostitutes who have sold out their race, their dignity, their honor and their integrity,” a view which helped him to the worst showing for a Democratic candidate in over 150 years (losing by 316,783 votes).

I’d like to go ahead and give my endorsement for the next Democratic leader: Lindsey Graham.  I like to think Graham would do well, being the Democrat in Republican clothing that he is …

Too bad he’s in the Senate.

Taylor Brown is a 20-something Wofford College graduate who somehow got sucked into politics at an early age.  She is easily won over with Rush’s fast food, wine, and spirited political arguments.