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Glowout Salon, of Chicago, Opening Soon in Columbia, S.C.




liz gunnBy Liz Gunn || I want to be upfront when I tell you that this post is more for the ladies. And not just females, but the true girlie girls of the world. If you aren’t a lady, but have a lady like this in your life, you may want to keep reading…just in case. Something very exciting is opening in Columbia very soon.

I was recently approached by a friend from college about being a hair model. Okay, not so much a model – but a “hair practice dummy.” She is opening Glowout Salon in the Vista in the coming weeks, and her staff needed people to work on during training. I was happy to oblige.

Like any girl I know, I jumped at the chance to have someone play with hair and get me all dolled up on a random Tuesday afternoon. Prior to this, I’ve only had my hair blown out twice. My stylist blows it dry when I get my hair cut, but I’m talking about a genuine “blowout”.

For those unfamiliar with the term (as it relates to HAIR…ahem), a blowout is an indulgent process by which a stylist carefully blows your hair dry, after washing, and then styles it to your liking. Sounds like what a lot of women do themselves at home each morning, but it’s not. We’re talking about Victoria’s Secret hair, that women like myself could never achieve at home.

And let’s be honest – someone else is doing it for you. You’d be surprised at how laborious drying your hair can be, especially if you have long, thick hair. A professional blowout will take about thirty minutes from start to finish.

In addition to the benefit of having someone else take the reins, a good blowout can also last several days depending on how much you exert yourself and how humid your climate is. For example, a kickboxing instructor in Columbia, S.C. in August is not going to have a blowout that last several days. But your average nine to five woman who isn’t doing any heavy lifting will definitely be able to make it go the distance. High quality dry shampoo can help extend the life of your blowout as well.

The original Glowout Salon in Chicago capitalized on the concept of a one-stop shop for express beauty services in a chic, vibrant setting. Complimentary cocktails are served, and socializing is encouraged. Their motto is “get pretty, get social.”

The Columbia salon will offer the same services of blowouts, spray tans and express manicures and pedicures. If any of the guys are still reading – here is the part I want you to get. I have two words for you that could score you major points during Christmas, on her birthday or really anytime you need to redeem yourself. GIFT. CERTIFICATE.

Women like to be pampered, but it’s something we can’t always justify doing for ourselves. I’m an admitted spa junkie, and it makes it very easy for my husband when a holiday rolls around. Some people find gift certificates to be impersonal, but I think a carefully selected gift certificate  actually shows how well you know someone!

The best part is, you can treat yourself to a blowout without feeling like you’re cheating on your hairdresser. Glowout is not a full service hair salon. They don’t offer cuts or color, just express services to get you looking perfect for a big event or just a night out.

Glowout also offers private parties, which are sure to be a  huge hit. It’s the perfect place for a bridal party or just a group of girlfriends to get together and be pampered. I know guys don’t always understand women’s need for things like this and that’s okay. But accepting this fact and acting on it when necessary will go a long way. Am I right, ladies?

I am thrilled that Columbia is finally getting a real “finishing salon” that will rival those in major cities. Glowout plans to open late November.  at 1202 Park Street in the Vista, just off Gervais. You can follow their progress by following them on Instagram @glowoutsalons. I just hope my husband is reading this, and that one of those gift certificates will land in my stocking this Christmas. (hint hint).

Liz Gunn is a wife, mom, travel enthusiast, food snob, daydreamer and lifelong Gamecock fan. A graduate of the University of South Carolina, she lives in Columbia, S.C. with her husband and daughter.