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“More Bush”: Jeb Comes To South Carolina




By FITSNEWS || Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – one of the establishment “Republicans” being eyed for a potential 2016 presidential run – paid a visit to early-voting South Carolina this week.

Bush’s Palmetto State swing was ostensibly to support the reelection campaign of Gov. Nikki Haley, but make no mistake: He’s testing the waters ahead of the state’s 2016″First in the South” presidential primary – same as a host of other prospective GOP candidates.

We wrote about Bush a few months ago, expressing shock that the GOP establishment actually believed he might be its “best bet” to reclaim the White House.

Seriously … “More Bush?” In what universe is that a good thing?

Beyond the stigma associated with his family, Bush has adopted some ill-advised “centrist” positions in an effort to endear himself to the mushy middle of the American electorate, a move that clearly failed to work for 2012 “Republican” nominee Mitt Romney.

For example he’s a top GOP apologist for “Common Core” (the invasive federal curriculum mandates) and a proponent of amnesty for undocumented workers – two positions extremely unpopular among South Carolina voters.

And as if that weren’t problematic enough, on the eve of his visit to the Palmetto State several stories broke outlining Bush’s previous support for new tax hikes (you know, in addition to the massive tax hikes approved by “Republicans” and Democrats in Washington last year).

In fairness to Bush, he discussed these tax hikes two years ago in connection with specific, broader spending cuts … but we all know how “spending cuts” work in Washington.  They’re weak … assuming they are ever enforced.

But tax hikes, once passed, don’t go away …

Also the last time we checked, Bush’s family didn’t exactly have the best record when it came to taxes.  Meaning he should probably steer clear of any proposal including “revenue enhancements.”

In contrast to Bush’s position, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul – another prospective GOP candidate making South Carolina stops – recently touted his opposition to tax hike deals.

“I’m not for ‘revenue neutral’ tax reform,” Paul said. “What does that accomplish? Let’s be boldly for what we are for.”

Indeed …

“His last name aside, (Bush) is just another in a long line of GOP sellouts who would do more harm than good to our country – serving a narrow set of interests, not the people paying for the spoils those interests continue receiving from a Treasury that’s $17.5 trillion in debt,” we wrote back in April.

We still feel the same … although the national debt has climbed to $17.9 trillion in the intervening months.

Bush – like other “establishment” Republicans including Romney and Chris Christie – is simply unacceptable as a presidential candidate in our estimation.  He did a lot of good things as governor of Florida (just as Haley did a lot of good things as a member of the S.C. House), but the higher he rises the further he veers to the left.

We can’t back someone on such a trajectory … and nor should you.