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Report: SC Lawmaker Calls Colleague A “Mother F*cker”




By FITSNEWS ||  We’ve frequently referred to South Carolina’s all-powerful, ubiquitously corrupt General Assembly as “taxpayer-funded adult day care”- and this week we received further validation of this characterization.

We’re referring to an ongoing spat between a pair of “Republican” lawmakers – Eddy Southard of Berkeley County and Chris Murphy of Dorchester County.

According to documents obtained by FITS, Southard and Murphy got into a heated dispute at a “Republican” Caucus gathering in Myrtle Beach, S.C. earlier this year.  During this dispute, Murphy is accused of verbally assaulting Southard in a hotel lobby – calling his colleague a “mother f*cker.”

Nice …

The altercation between the two lawmakers stems from Murphy’s contention that Southard endorsed his opponent in a contested primary election – which goes against an unwritten rule that “Republican” House members are not to oppose their fellow incumbents (or face censure).



Anyway, in communications between the lawmakers – and Dorchester (S.C.) county councilman Larry Hargett (the candidate Southard is accused of endorsing) – further allegations are made against Murphy.

In addition to verbally accosting Southard in “an extremely loud, obnoxious, abusive and profane manner,” Murphy is accused of engaging in threatening behavior as it relates to two additional “Republican” state lawmakers – Bill Taylor of Aiken County and Deborah Long of York County.

As a result, Murphy has reportedly been placed on watch “for any future abuse or misconduct” by S.C. House sergeant of arms Mitch Dorman.

In an email to Murphy dated August 18, Southard – writing from his government account – tells his fellow lawmaker he “just can’t forget” the outburst.

“I am requesting a very formal apology or I will file ethics violations against you,” he wrote. “Fortunately, I have the best witness I could have, being the Speaker (Bobby Harrell), even though I was disappointed in his lack of leadership.  I have reviewed our House ethics statue and have determined that your actions have violated a number of them.  Also, I understand you demonstrated very unruly behavior in the lounge Thursday night.  This was towards a lady accompanied by her boyfriend.  I would expect you to take this very seriously since now alcohol does not play into your behavior.”

Murphy’s response?

“File the complaint Eddy,” he wrote back the same day – within minutes, actually.  “I will also move that the caucus censure you for outwardly supporting an opponent in a contested Republican primary. FYI I have already spoken to majority leader (Bruce) Bannister about your behavior.  Do not contact me again.”

Well, well …

Never a dull moment in South Carolina politics, right?

No word yet on whether an ethics charge has been filed against Murphy … but we all know how the House “ethics” committee handles its business, right?

Yeah …