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Rand Paul Grilled On Birth Control Issue




By FITSNEWS || U.S. Sen. Rand Paul was grilled on the issue of birth control during a visit to early-voting South Carolina this week – part of an ongoing Democratic effort to stir up the perception of a GOP “War on Women.”

Sheesh … it’s the GOP’s ongoing war on taxpayers we’re most concerned with.  And all those foreign wars it continues to goad us into fighting.  Oh, and its war on our liberties.

Anyway …

Paul – one of several early frontrunners for the 2016 “Republican” presidential nomination – was asked by a student at the College of Charleston whether he supported Plan B, which is a pill that prevents pregnancy if taken shortly after sexual intercourse.

Paul answered in the affirmative – a position likely to enrage those on the religious right who demand their candidates be “100 percent” pro-life.

Almost immediately, Paul was accused of flip-flopping on the issue – owing to a 2012 personhood bill he sponsored that explicitly affirmed the right to life as beginning at the moment of conception.

“The Life at Conception Act legislatively declares what most Americans believe and what science has long known – that human life begins at the moment of conception, and therefore is entitled to legal protection from that point forward,” Paul said at the time. “The right to life is guaranteed to all Americans in the Declaration of Independence and ensuring this is upheld is the Constitutional duty of all Members of Congress.”

Paul has since argued that outlawing Plan B was “infeasible.”

Last fall a judge ordered that Plan B and other forms of emergency contraception be made available to women of all ages without a prescription.

This website opposes abortion on demand – first, second or third trimester.  We believe the right to life is the indispensable American liberty, and that absent a candidate’s support of laws enshrining that right – their stated support for other liberties really doesn’t amount to much.

Having said that, like Paul we don’t necessarily see the problem with a pill that prevents a pregnancy from beginning in the first place.

Of course while we don’t necessarily have a problem with “Plan B,” there should be no affirmative obligation on American taxpayers to subsidize it.  Nor should any private company that provides health insurance to its employees be forced to include it in its coverage.

UPDATE: Assuming Paul did flip-flop, he’s still got a ways to go to match 2012 “Republican” nominee Mitt Romney’s chronic malleability on this issue …