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Jameis Winston is Ready for the NFL



liz gunnBy Liz Gunn || Florida State’s Heisman winning, recently suspended, always in trouble quarterback is primed and ready for the NFL. It’s truly a shame they make football players “serve” for three years before entering the draft.  His talent level coupled with his narcissistic personality disorder is exactly what the league is all about right now.

Everyone in the country was talking about Jameis Winston Friday night when it was announced he would be suspended for not just the first half but for the entire game against Clemson. It was a big deal for a lot of reasons. The most glaring one being that they changed the severity of the suspension less than 24 hours before game time.

Back-up quarterback, Sean Maguire, had less than 24 hours to prepare himself to be the hero. It was no longer just getting to half time without any catastrophies, he now had the pressure of starting and finishing a prime time, conference game with major implications. What a huge stage this turn of events set for his potential break out as a star athlete, right?

Sadly, Maguire could have had a record setting night at Doak Campbell Stadium and I doubt anyone would have noticed. Sure, he would have been recognized for leading the team to victory, which he did, but Saturday night in Tallahassee all eyes were on the wrong quarterback.

All eyes were on the guy who dressed out in full uniform and pads, knowing he was suspended for the entire game. The guy who donned a ridiculous gold chain and meandered about the sidelines like an assistant coach and cheerleader all night. The guy that ABC cut to every chance they got.

Before last week I was pretty indifferent about Winston. He seemed like an immature, entitled athlete with more talent than sense – but doesn’t that apply to a lot of college super stars? However, after his most recent antics and the way ABC, ESPN and FSU handled the situation I was downright disgusted. It’s no wonder the NFL is home to so many wife beaters, child abusers and criminals when the NCAA prepares them for it by barely slapping them on the wrist for the same kinds of offenses.

I’m no doctor, but I think it’s pretty clear that Jameis Winston is a narcissist with some sort of personality disorder. He’s dangerously impulsive, thinks he deserves special treatment and clearly lacks empathy for others. When I said he’s ready for the NFL that was obviously a jab at the current PR state of affairs within the organization. Winston doesn’t seem to be mature enough for college football, much less the NFL.

Narcissists love attention. ABC, ESPN and FSU all gave Winston exactly what he craves most – the spotlight. You would have thought he was injured the way they had a camera on him all game, and rarely spoke of anything else. The guy was benched for being a dumbass. Why were they giving him this much face time?

Three years ago Brandon Marshall announced that he had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. He was on the verge of losing his wife, his friends and his multi-million dollar career. Since then he has sought treatment for his illness to deal with the subsequent problems caused by BPD and in May of this year signed a 3 year extension with the Chicago Bears worth $30 million. He is a great example of someone who with the help of those close to him was able to recognize a problem and address it before it had life altering results.

I hope someone from FSU, Winston’s family or one of his handlers is at least considering the fact that he may need to seek professional help too, before he loses it all. I know he’s just a kid at only 20 years old, but he’s a kid with a hell of a lot to lose if he doesn’t get it together fast.

Liz Gunn is a wife, mom, author, businesswoman, travel enthusiast, food snob, fashionista, lover of great wine and the No. 1 Gamecock football fan … ever. A graduate of the University of South Carolina, she lives in Columbia, S.C. with her husband and daughter.