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More On SC State House Corruption Probe




By FITSNews  ||  Multiple sources familiar with an ongoing federal investigation into corruption at the S.C. State House tell FITS the main focus of the probe is the S.C. House of Representatives’ powerful budget-writing committee.

In fact two members of the influential S.C. House ways and means committee have confirmed being questioned by federal agents in connection with the probe – which was first reported on a week ago by FITS.

Plot. Thickened.

On the advice of counsel – and in accordance with the forcefully stated wishes of an investigator with intimate knowledge of the ongoing probe – FITS is not naming the lawmakers we spoke with, or any of the other rumored targets of the investigation.

At least not yet …

All we can say at this point is the probe is focusing on two main areas – misuse of campaign funds and abusing one’s public office for personal gain.  “Numerous” lawmakers are said to have been ensnared on the campaign finance side of the probe, while the abuse of power allegations are said to be more tightly confined to the House’s top budget writers.

Twenty-five lawmakers currently sit on the ways and means panel – the entity responsible for preparing the first legislative draft of the state’s annual spending plan.  All of the members were appointed by S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell – who suspended himself from office earlier this month after being indicted by a county grand jury on nine public corruption charges.

 S.C. ways and means chairman Brian White – a liberal “Republican” from Anderson, S.C. – had some campaign finance issues which were glossed over in 2011 by the same corrupt legislative “ethics” panel that whitewashed Gov. Nikki Haley‘s corruption case in 2012.

Is he among the targets of this investigation?

Stay tuned …