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Sources tell FITS the Lenox VIP Club – one of Columbia, South Carolina’s most adventurous adult entertainment venues – is preparing a grand reopening.

We haven’t received word regarding the specific date of this event, but we’re told the club will emerge from a multi-year hiatus within the next few weeks. In fact club owners are reportedly interviewing dancers in anticipation of the grand reopening.

Located at 6023 Two Notch Road (here) – Lenox VIP Club caters to consumers who enjoy black female dancers … and a certain “anything goes” approach to adult entertainment.

Make sure to bring money that folds, though, because the bouncers at the door will use metal-detecting wands on all patrons attempting to enter the facility.

FITS supports all forms of adult entertainment, which is why we have consistently argued for the decriminalization of prostitution.

Anyway, we welcome the Lenox VIP Club back to Columbia and wish its owners and employers well in their future endeavors …

UPDATE: Awwww yeah … 

(Pic: Columbia Closings)