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Greenville Cops Beat Man Senseless At Walmart




A pair of Greenville County (S.C.) deputies brutally beat a man at a Walmart store on White Horse Road – a stunning display of cowardice and contempt for the rule of law that was captured on video and posted to social media.

Wanna watch the craziness? CLICK HERE, although we warn you the video is not for the faint of heart.

The clip clearly shows the suspect – who is seated on the floor and not visibly resisting – rolled over onto his side and then punched repeatedly in the head by one of the officers.  Onlookers recorded the incident on their cell phones, but did not attempt to come to the man’s aid (God forbid they be arrested for disturbing an officer in the middle of a beat-down).

At the end of the attack, the police taunt the battered suspect for being unable to rise to his feet.

“Stand up!” they yell at him.

In an equally stunning display of cowardice, the local media – notably WYFF TV 4 (NBC – Greenville, S.C.) – basically regurgitated the official police narrative of the incident in their online coverage.

“When deputies arrived they said the man identified himself as ‘911’ and walked inside the store,” the station reported.  “Deputies said they decided to take him into custody once he went inside the store.  Deputies said the man resisted arrest, which is when he was shocked with a Taser.  According to deputies, after he was shocked the man continued to resist arrest and they had to physically restrain him.”

Yeah … because that’s exactly what video of the incident showed (editor’s note: sarcasm ).

Greenville County needs to make an example of these cops.

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