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When you think murder, rape and armed robbery you probably think of Chicago.  Or Detroit.  Or Washington, D.C.  These are cities that typically rank at the top of the nation’s violent crime rankings, and some of the neighborhoods in these cities are the equivalent of third world war zones.

What city do you not associated with violent crime?  Greenville, S.C. – the capital of South Carolina’s socially conservative Upstate.

Yet according to this report (repeated here), Greenville’s Woodside is the sixth-most dangerous neighborhood in America.

“The neighborhood of Woodside in Greenville, South Carolina is not only one of the most dangerous in America but is also one of the poorest,” the report concludes. “Woodside has a violent crime rate of 86.38 per 1,000 residents and there is a 1 in 12 chance of becoming a victim here. (Seventy percent) of the neighborhood children live in poverty and there are more single mothers in this section than there are in 98.1 (percent) of the entire country.”

Yikes …

This isn’t the first time Woodside has appeared on a national list like this, ranking as the nation’s eighth-most dangerous neighborhood in this 2013 recap.