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Numerous Republican elected officials in South Carolina have bucked the leader of their party – Gov. Nikki Haley – regarding the ongoing scandals at the S.C. Department of Social Services (SCDSS).  S.C. Sen. Katrina Shealy and State Rep. Jenny Horne are two names that come to mind … with Shealy holding hearings into the agency’s mismanagement and Horne demanding an audit of its finances and operations.

Who hasn’t uttered a peep on the scandal? Henry McMaster – the former Attorney General who is currently running for lieutenant governor of the Palmetto State.

McMaster was challenged to confront the scandal this week by Bakari Sellers – the moderate Democrat who is running against him for lieutenant governor.

“Children are dying and nothing seems to be getting done by the current administration,” Sellers said. “So I ask my opponent Henry McMaster, if he will rubber stamp the Governor’s handling of the crisis?”

Sellers also challenged McMaster to say whether he “believed the so-called ‘welfare-to-work’ gains touted by Haley in her latest television advertisement were legitimate.”  Because there’s plenty of speculation as to whether that’s the case …

“He’s benefitting from her ads as a Republican on the ticket so he ought to say whether he thinks those gains are real,” Sellers said.

Former SCDSS director Lillian Koller resigned in June amid a flood of scandals – including allegations of manipulated data in its child welfare, food stamp and welfare-to-work divisions.

Most of those scandals broke exclusively here on FITS …

Sources familiar with the SCDSS audit requested by Horne tell FITS it is expected “any day now,” a development that’s likely to breathe new life into the scandal and create additional headaches for Haley and the rest of the GOP ticket.