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SCDSS: “The Damage Continues”




The more things change, the more they stay the same … at least as far as S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley‘s cabinet is concerned.

Embattled S.C. Department of Social Services (SCDSS) director Lillian Koller is gone … but the agency she left behind is up to its old tricks (including an alleged snooping campaign against members of the S.C. General Assembly).  Koller resigned last month amid a flood of scandals – including allegations of manipulated data in its child welfare, food stamp and welfare-to-work divisions.

Most of those scandals broke exclusively here on FITS …

So what’s happened in the wake of Koller’s departure?  Not much.

Sources at the agency – and within the S.C. General Assembly – have confirmed to FITS that SCDSS’ senior leadership is working overtime to identify which employees are providing lawmakers with information.

Wait … what?

This agency just lost its top official to scandal … and its leaders are already back to the same cover-up crap that led to her ouster?

“(SCDSS) staff are under scrutiny by upper management for speaking out,” one of our sources reveals. “Some upper management in DSS county offices have been checking into Facebook friend lists.”

Who are they looking for?

“Senators on the DSS oversight committee,” our source says, calling the agency’s effort “a desperate attempt to find out which employees had the audacity to speak out about caseload sizes and pressure from state office, regional and upper managers to meet goals at all costs.”

“Lillian is gone but her directives continue,” the source added, pinning the blame for the snooping campaign on Amber Gillum – who was tapped by Haley to serve as the agency’s acting director.

FITS spoke with several lawmakers who are “outraged” over the agency’s efforts to snoop on them.

“That agency’s new leadership is in deep sh*t,” one S.C. Senator told FITS. “They’re just as bad as Lillian.  Her crew is still there and the damage continues.”

Stay tuned …