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Virginia has the fastest internet speeds in America … while Alaska has the slowest (ruh-roh, Sarah Palin news site).

In Old Dominion, the web moves at a speed of 13.7 mbps … just ahead of Delaware’s 13.1 mbps.  Meanwhile Alaska’s 7 mbps is the nation’s slowest internet connection – just ahead of Arkansas, Kentucky and Montana, each of which clocked in at 7.3 mbps.

The good news?  Forty-eight of 50 states showed faster speeds this year, according to Massachusetts-based Akamai’s latest “State of the Internet” report.

The national average is 10.5 mbps – which ranks the United States just ahead of Canada for the fastest internet speeds in the Western Hemisphere.  However our country’s web moves more than twice as slow as South Korea – where users enjoy a blazing fast 23.6 mbps rate.

Sheesh … no wonder that Gangnam Style video got so many hits.

In the wake of the report, Broadview Networks has put together a useful color-coded map showing the internet speeds of each state.  States shaded dark green have the fastest connections, while states shaded red have the slowest.

Take a look …

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internet speeds by state

(Map: Broadview Networks)