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We’ve been trying for a long time to find new voices to contribute to this website … occasionally with success.

How come?  First and foremost we get tired of hearing ourselves talk all the time.  Seriously … if you think our chronic ranting gets old, you’re one mouse click away from regaining your sanity.  Us?  We don’t ever  get to leave.  Seriously … it’s like the Hotel California  in our founding editor’s head.

Such is the curse of tireless advocacy … and ideological consistency.

Anyway, we love new voices … they break up the monotony, change the perspective and challenge us to refine and elevate our own thinking.  That’s why there’s nothing quite so satisfying for us to publish as the well-wagered letter to the editor or opinion column.

But letter and guest posts – as much as we love them – only do so much.  What we’ve been looking for is a consistent presence on the site that’s … well, not us.

Enter Liz.

Who is Liz?  Well, we’re going to let her introduce herself to everyone over the next few months in her new column – the first installment of which is running this week.

Here’s what we know about Liz:  She’s smart.  Confident.  Highly opinionated.  Persuasive.  Funny.  Intuitive.  She’s also totally immune to haters (which our robust comment boards may or may not appreciate).  Oh, and she’s drop dead gorgeous and has impeccable taste in everything – including shoes (our founding editor’s fetish/ weakness).

We know what you’re probably thinking: The world is full of smart, confident, gorgeous people in possession of strong opinions … what makes Liz worth reading?

You’ll find out for yourself soon … but from our perspective, we’re drawn to Liz’s unique voice.  Her tone is direct and distinctive, but always on the move: Seamlessly meandering from earnest appeal to sarcastic indifference.  From heartfelt empathy to “back the f*ck up off of me” brusqueness.  From educated analytic to prurient voyeur … engaging society’s myriad commercial, cultural and personal matrixes with punchy wit and unflinching honesty.

We love her … and suspect you will, too.  Well, when you’re not hating her.  Because there’s seriously no middle ground when it comes to Liz.

We have no clue what Liz will write about.  Or how often she’ll write.  Also, we know next-to-nothing about her politics leanings – or whether she’ll even write about politics at all.

All we know is our microphone is now her microphone … and we’re excited to see what she’s got to say.  More importantly, we’re excited for the new perspective she’ll be bringing to this site.

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