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Israel Targeting Children?




More than fifty children have been killed in the latest round of violence between Israel and Hamas … including four children who were playing soccer on a beach in Gaza when they appear to have been deliberately targeted by Israeli forces.

Israel, of course, relies extensively on American military aid … even though they said fifteen years ago they no longer needed our help.

In Israel’s defense, two Hamas members are suspected of orchestrating the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers last month – which is what prompted the Israeli attacks (a.k.a. “Operation Protective Edge”).  Through its first nine days, this operation has killed more than 200 Palestinians – 77 percent of whom were civilians.

That makes this the most deadly Israeli offensive in more than five years …

Israel continues to insist it does not target civilians, but its government spokesman Mark Regev appears less than convincing in this recent interview with Channel 4’s John Snow …

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“How does killing children on a beach contribute to your purpose of protecting Israeli civilians?” Snow asks Regev.

Later, after rattling off some of Israel’s sophisticated American-subsidized weapons systems, Snow tells Regev “if you couldn’t tell these were four young Palestinian children playing football on a Gaza beach, you need better equipment.”

Wow …

“Not the kind of interview one is likely to see on US TV,” the website Zero Hedge  opines.

Exactly …

Israel says “jump” and the American media respond “how high?” While our politicians reply “how much?”

Don’t get us wrong: Israel has every right to launch preemptive or retaliatory strikes against any nation it wishes.  And in so doing, it has every right to target civilians – even children – if it wants to.

Just don’t expect American taxpayers to foot the bill … or American soldiers to ride to the rescue.

Prideful Israeli leaders have repeatedly stated they do not need American help, that they can “defend themselves.” It is well past time we start taking them at their word.

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