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“Lexington Ring” Hits The Big Time …




A few months ago, the saga of the “Lexington Ring” appeared destined for the crowded dustbin of Palmetto State scandals that never popped …

Today?  The scandal (one of many we’re tracking in this state) is making national news in the pages of The New York Times.

Reporter Richard Fausset traveled to Lexington, S.C. to tell the story of disgraced Sheriff James Metts – who last month was indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly accepting bribes.

Also indicted in connection with the Metts’ probe?  Former Lexington, S.C. town councilman Danny Frazier and South Congaree, S.C. police chief Jason Amodio – both of whom have been linked to an illegal video poker operation that was relentlessly exposed in 2012-13 by this website.  Seriously … we crawled up the backside of this scandal.  And didn’t leave.

Anyway …

Fausset’s story – which you can read by clicking HERE – included an interesting conversation between the reporter and an illegal alien from Lexington who offered his thoughts on the scandal.

“Corruption – just like in Mexico,” the illegal alien told Fausset.  “Usually, you can’t just bribe a police officer in this country.”

True … unless you’re in South Carolina.

Fausset’s story also contained an interesting conversation with a 53-year-old air conditioning installer, who said immigration reform would never pass because “the good ol’ boys club are not going to allow it.”

“There’s money to be made,” the man told Fausset.

And plenty of politicians/ police officers waiting to be purchased …

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