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“That Song From The iPad Commercial”



By Will Folks  ||  I’ve always wanted to write one of these articles …

Seriously … dozens of times I’ve found myself searching the web for “that song from the (insert company name) commercial.” And invariably … somewhere … somebody much hipper than me has the answer I’m looking for. Of course the search process has turned me onto all sorts of great bands – Interpol, Neon Trees, Phoenix, Pocket Submarine (just to name a few) – so it hasn’t been all bad.

But this time it’s my turn …

“That song” in Apple’s new iPad Air commercial is “England” by The National.

Who is The National? They’re a Brooklyn-based indie rock band I’ve been listening to since way back in 2007. Yup. Cool points to me. Hand ’em over.

Anyway, the iPad’s new ad features a deaf travel writer named Cherie King who uses her Air to write her “verse.”

You can learn more about the 25-year-old’s journey (and the iPad Air, obviously) on the company’s official site …

Meanwhile, here’s the spot …

(Click to play)

Pretty girl, pretty spot … although Apple has been criticized for featuring “exotic” jobs in its ads, leading some to infer the iPad Air is “too good” for regular folk.

“What about people who hold regular jobs and still own iPads, such as store clerks, nurses or even housewives?” writes ad critic Parikshit Vivekanand. “Perhaps Apple doesn’t think it’s cool to be just playing Candy Crush Saga or surfing Facebook, because, generally speaking, that is what most users do with their mobile devices.

Hmmmm …

I’m still on the third generation iPad and definitely don’t have $800 to drop on one of the new high-end Airs (or even $500 to drop on one of the new low-end models). But that doesn’t mean these devices are “too good” for people like me … or that King’s story isn’t compelling.

Especially when set to one of my all-time favorite bands …