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Alan Wilson Shows His Hand …




If the South Carolina Supreme Court intends on giving a “quo” to scandal-scarred House Speaker Bobby Harrell’s “quid,” then the state’s top prosecutor wants to make absolutely sure they see the evidence his grand jury has amassed against the powerful politician first.

S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson – who is reportedly working in conjunction with federal prosecutors on Harrell’s public corruption case – wants all five Supreme Court justices to review the evidence against Harrell prior to holding their first public hearing in the case on June 24.

Not only that, he wants them to keep the documents sealed … from the public as well as from Harrell’s attorneys.

“There is no need to give (Harrell) a ‘free look’ into the information before the State Grand Jury,” Wilson wrote to the justices.

He’s right … grand juries (for better or worse) do not publicly release the results of their investigations unless they return an indictment.

Permitting Harrell’s attorneys an opportunity to review such material prior to the issuance of a formal charge would clearly compromise Wilson’s investigation.

Wilson acknowledges his request is “unusual,” but we think it makes sense considering the extent to which the deck has been stacked against him in this case.

The justices have taken him up on his offer, too, requesting copies of the sealed contents of the grand jury probe from Wilson’s office. These documents reportedly include a damning case initiation memo against Harrell as well as the contents of a S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) report into Harrell’s various dirty dealings.

Why is Wilson leaving nothing to chance?

Because earlier this year Harrell allegedly rigged the reelection of S.C. Chief Justice Jean Toal – prompting most Palmetto political observers to conclude that “the fix was in” as it relates to the resolution of the investigation.

Harrell is hoping Toal and her fellow justices will send his corruption case back to a panel of his fellow lawmakers – the same ones who recently whitewashed a public corruption case against Nikki Haley.