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Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Responds To SC Job Situation



Unfortunately there were two big blows for South Carolina this week: Caterpillar will be ceasing operations in the upstate later this year and our labor participation rate hit an all-time low of 57.9 percent, fourth lowest in the nation.  This is a continuing trend in the state of South Carolina where our elected leaders insist on distributing economic handouts to large companies instead of true free market reforms that would benefit everyone in South Carolina. We need to take steps to make South Carolina more competitive on a national scale.

Steve French seeks to do this by eliminating the income tax in South Carolina. It’s a fact that the nine states with no income taxes have created 63 percent of the jobs in the past decade. South Carolina needs to be the tenth. Steve argues that companies like Caterpillar and BI-LO would not leave our state if we were able to eliminate our income tax and streamline our government. Citizens of South Carolina should also remember that without the income tax there would be less time and money spent on  paperwork.

“I would much rather emulate Gary Johnson’s governorship than Nikki Haley’s,” French said. “In his eight years as governor of New Mexico Johnson averaged an 11 percent job growth rate yet he still claims that he didn’t create a single job. In contrast Haley seems to take credit for every single job created in South Carolina. Haley needs to remember that government doesn’t create jobs, businesses do, something that she used to understand before she became governor. While our government drags its feet, South Carolina continues to lose out on opportunities. While we lost Caterpillar, Texas gained Toyota.”

Steve got into this race to give all of the independents who are struggling with South Carolina’s burdensome taxes and regulations a voice in the gubernatorial elections. Steve is asking all concerned South Carolinians in helping to modernize South Carolina’s business killing tax code and bring jobs into South Carolina by electing him as governor of South Carolina on November 4.

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