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So Long, Attorney-Client Privilege




Nathan Mehrens of Americans for Limited Government penned a wonderful opinion piece for Fox News last week highlighting how the U.S. tax code infringes on our fundamental liberties as well as our wallets and pocketbooks.

“Reforming the IRS is not enough — if we truly wish to usher in a new era of economic and individual freedom, we must abolish the agency and its oppressive tax code altogether,” Mehrens concluded.

He’s correct …

The latest example of the tax code’s oppressiveness? A decision reached in U.S. Tax Court related to attorney-client privilege – or the time-honored prohibition against attorneys being compelled to testify against their clients (or turn over documents related to their communication with clients).

According to the court, this most fundamental of American liberties is now up in the air.

“When a person puts into issue his subjective intent in deciding how to comply with the law, he may forfeit the privilege afforded attorney-client communications,” the court found.

Wait … so let’s make sure we’ve got this straight: Those who work with their lawyers to minimize the federal government’s annual (or quarterly) ass rape of their businesses are now no longer protected by attorney-client privilege?

Correct … not only that, those who refuse to cough up these protected communications would be barred from presenting anything in their defense (and remember, in tax court U.S. citizens are guilty until proven innocent).

“Naturally, you won’t hear a word about this in the mainstream media,” writes Simon Black of the Sovereign Man website. “But it certainly begs the question, what’s the point of even having a trial? Or a constitution? When every right and protection you have can be disregarded in their sole discretion, one really has to wonder how anyone can call it a ‘free country’ any more.”

Indeed … the erosion of individual liberty continues.

This is yet another example of why our current system of taxation needs to be scrapped. Not only is the income tax the most economically damaging method of revenue generation – the system established to collect it has become thoroughly corrupt and invasive.

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