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Steve French: Get Rid Of SC Income Tax



Tax day is finally here, South Carolina, and I for one feel like it’s time for April 15th to be just like any other spring day. Many have been working long and hard over the year to provide for your families, put food on the table and keep the lights on. We have paid our local sales tax, gas tax, and property taxes. Our federal government has taken Social Security and Medicare taxes. For those of you that have any free time after working you have paid a fishing license tax, hunting license tax, recreational vehicle water tax or even a dog license tax to enjoy that spare time. Who knew that man’s best friend could be so expensive?

And after all your hard work, stress, and budgeting we now have come to the day where we find out that it is still not enough, and please realize that in the eyes of the government it will never be enough, so we suck it up and pay. The saying rings true, “the more you tax something, the less you get of it”

It’s time for the citizens of South Carolina to demand the elimination of the income tax.

Ending the income tax will give the average family $2500 back. That’s over $200 a month of extra purchasing power for the average South Carolina taxpayer. That’s real money that can be used to buy a reliable car to get to work, pay off student loans, or wait for it … health insurance for those that cannot afford it. Thanks Obama but we just solved the national health care crisis.

Whatever the use, everyone can use an extra $200 dollars a month. But it’s not just about the money, more importantly it’s about your time. I know there are some that make less than the state average but what I want everyone to understand is that no matter how much your time is worth, we are all trading our time for dollars. At 7 percent, South Carolina has the 13th highest income tax in the country which means that out of 365 days a year, 25 of those days are being spent working for the state for nothing more than you being alive pursuing your hopes and dreams. What would you rather be doing during those 25 days?

There are nine other states that do not have an income tax. Those nine states have created 63 percent of all the new jobs over the past decade; it is time for South Carolina to become the tenth. Imagine how competitive we will be when we join the one-fifth of the states that have created over half the jobs in this country. Picture the burden that will be lifted off of families helping them pay for rising food, gas and energy costs. Imagine the time you can spend with your family getting those 25 days back. How many foreclosures and bankruptcies will this state be spared from families getting an extra $200 a month?

This can happen, all we have to do is roll back spending to 2010 levels taking $3 billion dollars out of the hands of big government and putting it back into the hands of the men and women that earned it.

From the desk of Steve French, the libertarian candidate for governor of South Carolina.

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