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T-Rav Makes It Official




Thomas Ravenel has an expression: “Two out of three ain’t bad.” It’s a reference to his business career and political ideology being in order – but his personal life being something of a disaster.

How big a disaster?

Well, let’s just say “T-Rav’s” reality television show Southern Charm hasn’t exactly portrayed his personal life in the most flattering light. Sure, there have been moments when the former statewide official appears to be on the verge of evoking some sympathy or identification in the wake of his 2007 fall from grace – but then the whole thing devolves into an alcohol-soaked mess.

Confident of his ability to rehabilitate his reputation, though, Ravenel announced this week that he will enter the 2014 U.S. Senate race in South Carolina – well, provided “Republican” Lindsey Graham wins the GOP nomination later this spring.

“I’ll throw my hat in as an Independent,” Ravenel said on Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live.

The mainstream media reacted with predictable derision.

“Can we throw our hat in the anti-Ravenel ring, please?” reporter Erin Shaw wrote for The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper.

Ah, journalistic objectivity …

Anyway, Shaw’s “unbiased” view aside Ravenel clearly has a huge hurdle to overcome – regardless of how Southern Charm resolves its first season.

Working in his favor? Cash money …

Unlike the field of GOP candidates currently challenging Graham, Ravenel can match the incumbent’s $7 million mountain of special interest money dollar-for-dollar. That means he can drive a counter-narrative to the “disgraced playboy” image that’s currently bogging down his aspirations.

Speaking of, Ravenel is reportedly planning to address his 2007 drug bust in more detail – including the political impetus for the investigation into his private life.

We’ll keep a lookout out for that massive …