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Nikki Haley’s PAC Dials Up The Wrong Number




An advertisement touting S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley tells South Carolinians to call their State Senators and urge them to pass “the Haley education plan.”

What is the “Haley education plan?” That’s easy: More government.

But if Haley thinks her ad – paid for by the “Movement Fund” – is going to sway Senators, she’s got another thing coming.

How come? Haley’s backers didn’t “educate” themselves on the proper telephone number.

“Seems the Movement Fund listed the wrong phone number,” one GOP Senator jokingly told FITS. “(The number) in the ad will not connect to any Senate office. It is the number for Senate security.”


Not all Senators found the mistake amusing, though.

“These people have a serious job to do,” one Democratic Senator told FITS, referring to Senate security staff. “How would she feel if we clogged up the phone line to her executive protection?”

More to the point, though… should South Carolinians bother finding the right phone number to call their Senators about the “Haley education plan?”

Hell no … not unless they plan on ripping the proposal for its embrace of the state’s failed status quo.

“Sixty million for a top-down program that any district can implement today on its own,” one fiscally conservative Senator said – rebuking Haley’s plan. “No money for tax credits for scholarships for special needs children or kids in poverty. A full embrace of liberal Washington, D.C. standards – and a rejection of South Carolina having control over our own classroom standards and evaluations.”

We asked the Lowcountry lawmaker if there was anything redeemable about Haley’s plan.

“No,” he said.

South Carolina currently spends $12,000 per child on government-run education – not counting bond money.  That’s more than four times the average private school tuition.

As a state lawmaker, Haley was an aggressive proponent of market-based academic reforms. Sadly, once she got the GOP nomination in 2010 she began to abandon her support for parental choice in favor of more middling “reforms.”

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