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Vincent Sheheen Blasts Nikki Haley On Education




S.C. Senator Vincent Sheheen (D-Camden) has launched what his campaign calls a “substantial” advertising buy calling out incumbent “Republican” Nikki Haley as a “failure” on education issues.

Sheheen – who narrowly lost to Haley in 2010 – has launched an ad entitled “Failing,” which he hopes will draw voters’ attention to an issue Haley has virtually ignored during her first term as governor.

“Nikki Haley is failing South Carolina,” Sheheen’s campaign noted in unveiling its new thirty-second spot. “Her failures and lack of leadership have resulted in K-12 students falling behind, one of the worst graduation rates in the country, and rising college tuition that is the highest in the Southeast.”

Yeah …

We don’t necessarily think Sheheen’s education proposals are any better than Haley’s, but it’s hard to argue with his basic premise that South Carolina is falling further behind the rest of the nation academically.

Sheheen’s ad comes as a political action committee supporting the governor launched a television commercial praising Haley’s big government education plan – and urging State Senators to rally behind it.

Of course that ad – run by Haley’s “Movement Fund” – directed voters to the wrong phone number.

Anyway, here’s Sheheen’s spot …

(Click to play)

Not bad …

Prior to unveiling her status quo education proposal in January, Haley hadn’t substantively addressed education once since her 2010 campaign. In fact her only real “movement” on this issue was approving Sheheen’s $26 million expansion of the Palmetto State’s demonstrably failed early childhood education program.

Now the governor wants to pump another $100 million into the state’s failed K-12 bureaucracy?

Sheesh … will someone remind us who the “Republican” in this race is?

Of course as miserably as Haley has failed on education issues there is no guarantee Sheheen would be better. In fact, we don’t see him doing anything beyond spending even more money on the same failed status quo Haley has so wildly embraced.

Which makes both major party nominees totally unacceptable if you actually care about improving the academic achievement of future generations of South Carolinians …

Libertarian gubernatorial nominee Steve French‘s campaign said it sees an opening for his candidacy.

“We are the only school choice campaign in this race,” French’s spokesman told FITS.

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