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Clemson Pub: Gun Owners = Douchebags




The Second Amendment affords all Americans the right to carry guns in public – whether the government says they can or not. Which is why we urge civil disobedience of any law infringing upon that right.

Similarly, though, government has no right to force private establishments to allow guns if they choose not to …

The free market should (and does) drive that process … just like it gives private citizens the right to unload on individuals who unlawfully trespass on their private property.

Of course we would urge private businesses looking to exercise their right to keep guns out of their premises to avoid the example of “Pete,” the owner of Backstreets Pub and Deli in Clemson, S.C.

Apparently Pete was “frustrated” when he posted a “No Guns Allowed” sign to the window of his tavern … and got a little carried away.

Take a look …

no guns allowed

Hmmmm …

“It just came out wrong because I was frustrated,” Pete told The Washington Times.

(Hmmmm … that’s almost a Michael Scott situation, but not quite).

Again, barring concealed weapons on his property is Pete’s right. And in exercising his right he’s also got a First Amendment right to call carriers of concealed weapons “losers” and “douchebags.”

Or worse, if he chooses …

But at the end of the day Pete is also accountable to the marketplace of ideas – as well as the actual marketplace that determines how long his pub stays open.

And on both of those counts, we find Pete to be a …

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