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Nikki Haley Finally Weighs In On Nullification




Nikki Haley hates Obamacare … except that whole “stopping it” part. She’s not for that …

She also hates Medicaid expansion, telling The Wall Street Journal last November that the Palmetto State “will not expand Medicaid. Ever.”

Um, yeah. About that. Haley’s administration is expanding Medicaid by a whopping 16 percent in the coming fiscal year – which will set South Carolina taxpayer back an additional half-a-billion dollars in the coming year alone.

Last time we checked that’s one of the largest growth rates in America – much larger than the 12 percent Medicaid growth rate of states that are taking Obamacare subsidies for Medicaid.

Anyway … sorry to confuse everyone with facts.

Haley has been silent on the nullification of Obamacare, though … which we suppose makes sense because the bill that’s currently being debate in the S.C. General Assembly doesn’t actually nullify anything.

Haley broke her silence this week, though … kinda …

Oh, Nikki …

Democrats were not amused at the governor’s attempt at humor …

“As usual, when Nikki Haley weighs in on what’s going (in) the legislature – it’s absent leadership and full of petty politics,” a release from the S.C. Democratic Party noted.

Oh come on now … that’s not true. Haley often weighs in substantively (on the wrong side).

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