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Nikki Haley Must Fire Lillian Koller




S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley appointed Lillian Koller to run her welfare agency in 2011 because the national GOP needed a favor.

Now the governor needs to do South Carolina (especially its most vulnerable children) a favor and let Koller go … immediately.

As we’ve noted on numerous prior occasions, Koller’s Department of Social Services (SCDSS) is an unmitigated disaster – with multiple examples of high-level mismanagement affecting hundreds of millions of tax dollars. Koller has been accused of cooking the books related to the agency’s food stamp system and “welfare to work” programs – while prolonging the costly failure of the state’s still-nonexistent¬†child support enforcement database.

She’s also totally dropped the ball on the only salvo fired in Haley’s so-called “war on fat.”

But the latest news – about the tragic and entirely preventable 2013 death of Robert Guilyard, Jr. – should tip the scales against her past the point of no return.

Bottom line? A four-year-old boy is dead because Koller’s agency – on multiple occasions – ignored warnings and evidence provided by family members about abuse he was suffering at the hands of his biological parents (who later beat Guilyard to death).

We reported exclusively on SCDSS’ incompetence in the Guilyard case last July (a week after his brutal murder), but you can read the latest on this tragic situation HERE.

The bureaucratic incompetence in this case is simply incomprehensible … and totally inexcusable.¬†Haley must fire Koller: Before another tax dollar is wasted and before another child dies.

And if she refuses to do so, South Carolina lawmakers must demand Koller’s resignation …