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Oh. Hell. Yes.




It’s almost time …

House of Cards – the groundbreaking Netflix original political drama – will see its much-anticipated second season dropped on the subscription-based digital content provider’s network on February 14. As with the critically acclaimed, commercially successful first season, the entire 13-episode second season will be available online all at once – which we’re sure is going to result in some serious binge-watching.

And races among the series’ most loyal fans …

We can’t say enough good things about House of Cards … even if the liberal chattering class in Washington, D.C. hates it (and whines about it).

The show is – first and foremost – spellbinding drama (hence the binge-watching).

As we noted in one write-up last year, “we never thought a political show could make Aaron Sorkin’s issues-heavy West Wing look downright campy, but that’s exactly what Kevin SpaceyKate Mara and company have managed to do with their brooding, bare-knuckled Washington, D.C. super-drama.”

It’s seriously that good … an exquisitely crafted web of intrigue and guile that literally oozes honesty and raw emotion.

Second, House of Cards provides a rare depiction of a South Carolinian (the show’s main character, congressman Frank Underwood) who stands head and shoulders above his peers intellectually … which is how you know it’s fiction.

“Underwood – the conniving congressman portrayed with ruthless dryness and remarkable depth by two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey – is more than just an intelligent, opportunistic politician climbing the D.C. ladder,” we wrote recently of House of Cards’ lead character/ narrator. “He’s literally the Michelangelo of Machiavellianism – a relentless, eternally adaptable schemer whose field of vision includes every conceivable chess move his opponents could make against him.”

And it’s not just Underwood’s interplay with the show’s other lead characters – it’s his cutaway face-to-camera narratives that lend even greater substance to the series.

If you’ve never watched the first season of House of Cards, you might wanna get a jump on that …

In the meantime, here’s the Season 2 trailer …

Oh … and guess what: Netflix announced this week that the series has been renewed for a third season.