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Tech giant Apple released its sales data for the fourth quarter of 2013, including a record-breaking 51 million iPhones sold. ¬†That’s up from 47.8 million iPhones sold during the fourth quarter of 2012 – and 37 million from the fourth quarter of 2011.

The only problem? Analysts were expecting the company to move 57 million of the popular devices …

Apple also downgraded its first quarter 2014 earnings estimates – saying sales will be in the neighborhood of $42-44 billion (about $2 billion less than investors were projecting).

What caused Apple to miss its iPhone marks? Weak North American (read United States) sales.

Still, the company saw sales of its Mac computers climb by seventeen percent last quarter … while moving a record 26 million iPads. As a result, Apple’s total sales for the fourth quarter clocked in at $57.6 billion – beating analysts estimate of $57.5 billion.

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